Specialist Recruiters For The Construction & Engineering Sectors

Here at Ricon Recruitment, we’re on a mission to help engineering and construction firms across the UK find and harness the talent that’s right for their needs.

Perhaps you run a construction firm, and you’re on the hunt for anything from scaffolders and quantity surveyors to bathroom fitters and crane drivers.

Or maybe you work in engineering, and you’re looking to get new thermic welders, mechanical fitters or graduate engineers on board.

No matter what your goals might look like, Ricon can help you achieve them. We’re able to provide staff to fulfill your contracts with temporary and permanent positions, using a range of methods. Read on to discover exactly how.

Ricon Recruitment Agency Will Help Find People To Fill All Positions

At Ricon, we’re able to take a flexible approach to recruitment which suits the scope and duration of your project.

Ricon Recruitment Agency Will Help Find People To Fill All PositionsIf you need a team of permanent staff to make your new project a reality for the long term, we can invest our time in matching your vacancy to the right person. Or if you have a temporary skills shortage or are experiencing a periodic surge in demand for labour, why not ask us to help you find contract workers instead?

A Range Of Recruitment Methods

Here at Ricon, we have a variety of methods at our disposal when it comes to locating the ideal candidate for you.

We make the most of the software packages available to recruiters, and we also use marketing tools such as social media and jobs boards to spread the word about your vacancy and to ensure that it is seen by the right people.

And we make sure that our candidate network – and the records that power it – is kept ship-shape, too. By keeping relevant information on each candidate on our books and what their qualification and experience records look like, we are able to ensure that we have enough information to narrow down a strong shortlist before making a decision about which individuals to suggest.

Our Talented Recruitment Team

Ou Talented Recruitment TeamThe team here at Ricon thrive on applying their energies to finding the right people for your role. They work hard to match individuals to vacancies, and they use all of the methods at their disposal to achieve this.

In the Internet age, it’s possible to carry out a significant slice of the recruitment process online. From advertising the work to researching the background of a candidate, the Internet is full of potential. But our recruitment advisors know when it’s best to use the web and when it’s best to rely on traditional methods of recruitment, such as picking up the phone or meeting a candidate in person.

And what makes Ricon different to many other recruitment agencies is that it was founded by a team of specialists in the construction and engineering industries. So with Ricon Recruitment, you’ll always be able to access specialist industry knowledge to inform your recruitment decisions.


We’d Love To Hear From You

Are you an employer in the construction and engineering sectors looking to move your business to the next level by recruiting more staff? Or are you in charge of a contract project which requires a number of temporary, yet dedicated and hard working, staff members in order to succeed?

If so, we’d be happy to take your call or respond to your email. Just get in touch with us on the details shared here and we’ll get back to you. Call us on 0161 736 8008 or e mail ask@ricon.co.uk.