New Ricon Recruitment Website – Additional Features

Recruitment Agency for Engineering & Construction Candidates & Apprentices

Ricon Recruitment are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. The new Ricon Recruitment website now has additional features with the ability to advertise and apply for jobs through our quick on-line application form.
Our new look website is now complete with hyperlinks to allow us to share all of our open positions, and access our compliance information. The hyperlinks also give you quick access to our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, where you can read and share your experiences with us.

Ricon Recruitment specialises in the Engineering and Construction industry, providing the best matching candidates for the role. We can assist our clients in different ways, including writing and wording accurate job descriptions, candidate screening, interviewing, identifying & supporting training needs and much more. Our clients and candidates are already benefiting from our step by step support process, ensuring a best suitable placement.
Britain and Europe’s relationship breakup, “Brexit” has highlighted the short fall in skilled workers across all industry sectors and the need to invest in the British workforce.

At Ricon we’ve identified this and work to provide skilled workers through apprenticeship schemes, cross training & developing our existing workforce to meet today’s needs. We utilise the industry’s experienced workforce to transfer their skills and experiences to grow the workforce of tomorrow.
If you’re business is looking for skilled workers, apprenticeships, or to grow the workforce of the future, let us help you find the perfect candidate.
Whether you’re an experienced skilled engineer, a young person looking for a career opportunity through government apprentice schemes or just wanting to change your career path, let us help you find the perfect role.


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